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The Recreation & Parks Association of Nunavut hosts annually the Get Happy Summer Day staff training program!


The Get HAPPY Summer Day Camp, a program of the Recreation & Parks Association of Nunavut initiated in 2015 will be hosted for the tenth year in 2024.  We have seen tremendous growth in youth trainees, community participation, partnerships and program quality in our communities.  Without question, the Get Happy Day Camp is RPAN’s signature youth initiative!


Through the Get Happy Summer Day Camp Staff Training initiative, we provide training, certification, team building, leadership…the trainees return to their communities with confidence, tools and resources to deliver a quality summer program for children in their community.


Youth ages 15 – 21 plus one supervisor will attend a five-day training forum that will provide training as leaders and develop skills they can use to create positive change in their communities through physical activity, creative arts and sport, and through the implementation of a four to six (4 – 6) week summer day camp for children ages 5 – 12 years. Youth leaders will participate in a variety of interactive workshops and activities that will prepare them to implement their Get HAPPY Summer Day Camp programs, a project aimed at improving the lives of children and youth in their communities.


At the conclusion of the training week, participants will be fully prepared, confident, excited and skilled to return to their home communities to deliver quality summer day camps. This includes daily activity plans, equipment and arts/crafts/snack check lists, registration forms and promo material.


In 2024, the Get Happy Summer Day Camp staff training will take place June 17th  - 21st in Iqaluit.

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2022 Registration Package
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