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RPAN believes that building recreational capacity in communities is one of the top priorities needed in Nunavut.  RPAN is working hard to provide training and educational opportunities for all its communities and members.

The Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut is dedicated to serving communities across Nunavut. Our programs and services create strong and vibrant people and places while addressing many of our most pressing health and social issues.


RPAN annually hosts a Recreation and Sport Leadership Conference to support the ongoing need for professional development, certification and networking in the recreation and sport sector across Nunavut


The 2024 Recreation and Sport Leader Conference is scheduled for October 18 – 20 in Iqaluit.


Explore or expand a career in community recreation. Gain the knowledge and skills for working or volunteering in Northern, Indigenous, rural or remote communities.

Build your confidence through learning events that are relevant and interactive. Become part of a network of other recreation leaders.

Learn remotely from work or home. Do your training online and through video calls on our annual cycle from September to May.

Sign up for training that fits your schedule and interest. Take one or more of our 19 learning events (mini-courses) or sign up to earn a Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership or in Northern Recreation Management.

2+2+2… Most learning events take place over 2 weeks, include 2 optional video calls, and require 2 learning activities. A certificate can be earned over one year or more. 

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