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RPAN believes that building recreational capacity in communities is one of the top priorities needed in Nunavut.  RPAN is working hard to provide training and educational opportunities for all its communities and members.

The Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut is dedicated to serving communities across Nunavut. Our programs and services create strong and vibrant people and places while addressing many of our most pressing health and social issues.


RPAN annually hosts a Recreation and Sport Leader Conference to support the ongoing need for professional develop, certification and networking for the recreation and sport sector in Nunavut


The 2021 Recreation and Sport Leader Conference is tentatively scheduled for October 20th – 24th in Iqaluit.


Recreation North has designed a training program based on thirteen competencies that are essential for leading in community recreation. If you live in Yukon, NWT or Nunavut, and work or would like to work or volunteer in recreation, this Program is designed for you.


We have a variety of learning options. There is now the option of registering for one or more learning events.  There is also the option to work towards 3 different Certificates: Northern Recreation Leadership, Northern Recreation Management, and Northern Youth Recreation Leadership. (Most will complete the Certificate in Northern Recreation Leadership and then Certificate in Northern Recreation Management.) We now also have a pathway to the Canadian Parks and Recreation Professional Development Certification.


RPAN supports Nunavummiut leaders to participate in the Northern Recreation Leadership and Northern Recreation Management certification programs by offering full scholarships.


Youth leaders that complete RPAN program training and employment are eligible to receive the Northern Youth Recreation Leadership certificate.

Work in recreation and parks? The CPRA Professional Development Certification could be the key to your next career move! Designed for working professionals, the online program connects you with like-minded practitioners across the country.


Together, you walk through relevant topics related to Canada’s recreation and parks sector, then learn tactics to apply your newfound knowledge in your context!

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